Child & Teen Therapy

> Do you feel like no one truly understands what you’re going through?

Taħseb li ħadd mhu jifhem minn xiex int għaddej/għaddejja?

> Do you feel as if you don’t have any one you can trust?

Tħossok li ma tista’ tafda lil ħadd?

> Does social media make you feel less confident about your self image ?

Taħseb li l-mezzi soċjali jnaqqsulek il-kunfidenza fil-mod kif tidher?

> Does social media make you feel as if your life is meaningless?

Taħseb li l-mezzi soċjali jġegħluk tħossok inqas minn ħaddieħor?

> Are you recently questioning your sexuality but scared to tell anyone?

Dan l-aħħar, qiegħed/qiegħda tiddubita mis-sesswalità tiegħek u qed tibża’ tgħid lil xi ħadd?

> Is school becoming very overwhelming?

Tħoss li l-iskola hija ta’ piż kbir għalik?

> Are you stressed about your future?

Tħossok imħawwad/imħawda fuq il-futur tiegħek?

Now it’s time to speak to a professional. Do not suffer in silence. You are not alone!!!

Issa hu l-waqt li titkellem ma xi ħadd professjonali. Issofrix fis-silenzju. M’intix waħdek!!!

Child and Teen Therapy

Therapy provides children and teens with a ‘safe space’ to assist them to perceive their psychological and emotional difficulties in a novel manner. This may consequently enable them to feel less apprehensive, stigmatized and anxious. When children and youth go through life difficulties such as, bullying or lack of self-confidence they may endure a large range of painful emotions. Being able to talk openly to a mental health professional about their difficulties usually reduces the stress caused by these situations. Additionally, therapy may give them a sense that they are not ‘alone’ with their problems and might help them to view their worries clearly and with a new perspective. It may also give them an opportunity to get issues off their chest, which helps them to stop worrying, enhances their self-worth and may also lessen their sense of shame.

Therapeutic sessions are tailor-made to help the children and teens both emotionally and psychologically. During sessions, client -centred play and games are often used to help the clients feel comfortable and enjoy therapy so as to make it an enjoyable and safe experience. Counselling respects client’s confidentiality.

Areas of Focus

Difficulties in relationships with parents, teachers or friends


Difficulties in the family




Lack of self-esteem and self-confidence

Sexuality issues




Illicit substance use/Addiction


Difficulties in learning

Psychological Assessments by an Educational Psychologist


Eating disorders