Individual Therapy

> Are you feeling lonely?

Qed tħossok waħdek? 

> Is life just too confusing?

   Qed tħoss li l-ħajja hija mimlija konfużjoni?

> Is your anxiety becoming too much? 

   Qed tħoss li ma tiflaħx iżjed bl-anzjetà kollha li għandek? 

> Are you feeling like you are not yourself anymore or lack motivation? 

   Tħoss li m’għadekx li kont jew naqsitlek ħafna l-motivazzjoni f’ħajtek? 

> Are you feeling very sad but shy to tell your friends? 

   Qed tħossok imdejjaq u qed issibha diffiċli biex titkellem ma’ sħabek? 

> Did you experience a trauma but feel that you cannot tell anyone because of the fear of being judged?

  Għaddejt minn esperjenza diffiċli u qed tħossok beżan li tgħid lil xi ħadd minħabba li ma tridx tiġi ġġudikat?

Individual Therapy

Difficulties with family, friends, relationships, health or work can cause one to experience anxiety, depression, loneliness and fear. Individual Therapy can help you express your feelings in a safe and non-judgemental setting assisting you to understand and analyse what you are going through. Your therapist will help you achieve your goals. As mental health practitioners we specialize in helping people understand WHY they do what they do and WHY others do what they do. Receiving help from a mental health professional can help you turn your life around.

At Hope we strongly believe in pairing you with a therapist that is specialised in the field therefore we take great consideration in helping you find the ideal therapist for you.

Areas of focus




Relationship Difficulties

Trauma Therapy

Stress Management



 Eating Disorders

Personal Development Counselling

Grief Therapy

 Infertility Issues

 Personality Disorders

Anger management


Sessions normally last between 50 minutes to an hour. Sessions are normally held on a weekly basis but may become less frequent depending on the effects the therapy is having.