Couples & Family Therapy

> Is your relationship taking the wrong turn?

   Qed tħoss li r-relazzjoni tiegħek sejra hazin?

> Do you feel that you and your partner are living separate lives?

   Tħossok li qed tgħixu differenti minn xulxin, jiġifieri ħajja separata mis-sieħeb/sieħba tiegħek?

> Are you happy with your sex life?

   Tħossok kuntent bil-ħajja sesswali tiegħek?

> Do you feel distant from your partner or your children?

Tħossok imbiegħed/imbiegħda mis-sieħeb/sieħba tiegħek jew minn uliedek?

> Do you feel overwhelmed at home?

Tħossok m’intix komdu/a f’darek?

> Are you always focusing on each other’s defects?

Taħseb li int dejjem moħħok fid-difetti tal-oħrajn?

Couple & Family Therapy

At Hope, we prioritize in helping couples and families to talk about their issues safely without fear or judgment. If you are encountering problems within your relationships or need a safe space to talk about your concerns, couple and family therapy can help you with life’s transitions, finding solutions to conflicts, and enhancing relation satisfaction. Many couples fear that their relationship is beyond repair as my communication may have deteriorated, due to broken trust or infidelity or there is non-existent quality time due to family stresses. At Hope we have waranted Family Therapists that offer couple and family therapy that will help guide couples and families toward enhanced relationship satisfaction.

Areas of focus

Relationship Difficulties

Marital Distress



Managing Conflict During Divorce

Marriage Preparation

Improving sexual relationship

Financial Distress

Blended Families